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WELCOME to the official website of the English Department of Physics Faculty, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The English Language Department provides language classes to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Physics Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University. The instruction of high professional quality is given well in accordance with state educational standard requirements. The department staff members, experienced language teachers, develop curricula and academic syllabi, redesign and improve materials for both teachers and learners, create study books. Teachers of the department employ modern teaching methods and techniques allowing students to develop a set of skills useful in their professional life, such as critical thinking and analytical skills, making reasoned conclusions and hypotheses, summarising information and applying the acquired knowledge of the English language to solve a variety of problems. 

Besides traditional teaching approaches teachers of the department make active use of online resources and communicative potential of the Internet in order to foster language learning improvement and increase motivation for autonomous learning.

Organising and managing students’ extracurricular activity is another important direction for the department. “The English Club”, founded by the initiative of the department, holds regular thematic meetings and scientific conferences. This helps to significantly expand the learning space, enhance language experience and develop creative potential of the faculty students.

The English Language Department follows the traditions of Physics Faculty and does its best to help integrate undergraduate and postgraduate students of the faculty into the international scientific community.



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